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Massive roll-out of cleaner cooking solutions stoves can save lives and forests. But past experience shows that convincing people to use more efficient technologies is far from easy. The best efforts by dedicated stakeholders encounter financial, political and social/cultural barriers that can be unique to any given context while also interacting - or indeed, undermining progress.    

A BURNING CONCERN seeks to address a three-pronged challenge:

  • while experts produce reams of data and information about vital aspects of the cleaner cooking challenge, much of it is buried in big reports; 

  • to implement effective policies and programmes, actors in related fields need quick access to easy-to-understand content that reflects the full range of things they need to consider; 

  • ultimately, billions of people need to be convinced that adopting new tools and behaviours is in their own best interest.        


EnAct's model (see right column) shows that ongoing, issue-specific reporting can  deliver value to across all three stakeholder groups -- including by promoting engagement across sectors.

Reporting that seeks to empower...

The ENERGY ACTION project (EnAct) is convinced of the power of storytelling to change people's beliefs and behaviours.


We recognize that to empower people, the first challenge is to engage their attention. This is why we place a high priority on producing documentary films and photo essays as well as social media activity. In parallel, the content we co-produce with experts aims to inform and explain, often the 'extra push' needed to tip the balance towards adopting new ways of going forward.     

Our model relies on close collaboration between journalists and a wide range of experts -- energy analysts, technology innovators, economists, social sciences, policy makers, civil society organisations, etc.  -- who share the common goal of helping everyone make better decisions about energy, every day in whatever spheres they are able to influence.      

Building on the success of its COLD@HOME platform, which explores energy poverty in Europe and North America, EnAct is keen to become the 'go-to' site for news and information across the cleaner cooking arena. 

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