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The Chronic Failure

Priya Karve and Veena Joshi are both physicists by training. At various times in their careers, both have been deeply involved in the challenge that remains a black mark on global clean energy progress reports.

The three-stone pit, fed with wood or other biomass, is the most basic – and most widely used – energy-conversion device in the world. Apart from being hugely inefficient, its use results in serious health, social and economic impacts, particularly for women and children. It is also a leading cause of forest degradation.

Perhaps most striking in this podcast is that so many failures stem from fundamental disconnects between the experts and the cooks.

This podcast is part of a series cop-produced by EnAct and SELCO Foundation during the IMPACT FAILURE CONCLAVE, an event that explored the many things that can undermine social innovation projects. The full series, and other EnAct podcasts, can be found here   

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