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The concept and content of A BURNING CONCERN is co-developed by experts in the field, experienced journalists and key support staff. 

​Editorial Committee

Data-driven policy has been central to Jean-Yves’ diverse career in the energy sector, including a term a Chief Statistician at the International Energy Agency, where he was a key drive behind the launch of the Joint Oil Data Initiative (JODI). He is currently advising the African Energy Commission (AFREC) on how to encourage countries to collect data on use of biomass for cooking in household energy surveys, and to integrate such data into national energy policies. Previously, he helped develop energy strategies in Djibouti and Côte d’Ivoire.

​Independent Consultant

Jean-Yves Garnier

Veena is a New Delhi-based energy consultant with 30+ years of experience specializing in household energy, rural electrification, and project cycle management.

​Energy Consultant

​Veena Joshi

Priyadarshini is an expert in biomass energy technologies and founder of Samuchit Enviro Tech, a social-enterprise that promotes the use of clean and renewable energy in rural populations.

​Biomass Energy Expert

Priyadarshini Karve

Stefano is a governance advisor at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where he advises the Rwanda’s government on energy electrification policy and planning.

​Governance Advisor

Stefano Scapolla

​Journalistic Team

Marilyn is the executive director of EnAct, a multimedia initiative aiming to eradicate energy poverty by 2030. She is also a communications specialist and journalist with 15+ years of experience in creating media content for various industries. See more on LinkedIn. 

​Executive Director

​Marilyn Smith


Alyssa is the development assistant at EnAct, who is in charge of social media management. She is also an energy and climate enthusiast with 3+ years of experience working on different climate change projects.

​Development Assistant

​Alyssa Bougie

me UN.jpg

Ly Nguyen is the Web Manager at EnAct, who is in charge of web management and SEO work. She is also an energy enthusiast and data-driven professional curious to understand the integration of artificial intelligence in energy efficiency.

​Web Manager

​Ly Nguyen

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